The L’il Fella

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Back when we were developing the big machine,  we realized there was a market for something more in the 100 at a time range so we developed the TPH-128.  It’s a quarter the size of the big unit and as you can see from the picture,  cute as all get out.  Or at least I thought so.  We were hoping to fill that niche of the guy who needs 500 joints a day spread across a couple of different strains.  That’s a hard order to fill when you are running 512 at a pop.The initial thinking was that this could be a totally hand held unit – no vibration motor at all.  We figured since it was that much smaller than its big brother,  you would be able to shake loose any bridges or occlusions you might run into when filling by bouncing on a hard surface.  Problem is,  it didn’t work. You just need that high RPM shake motor to get your feed stock down hole.  Why,  we’re not sure but it was a fact of life so we took it off market.

TPH-128 Joint Rolling Machine aka “The L’il Fella”

But not before quite a few of you saw it.

And now you keep asking for a solution in the 100 at a time range with the same level of sturdy and cleanable as the big machine because face it,  unless you are delivering at least 3,000 pre-rolls a week,  the big machine is just too much.

So we are back to the drawing board to see if we can overcome the problem of the small size of the machine balanced against the size of the shaker motor.  We think we might have it.  Won’t know for a couple of weeks.

Check back.  Watch the Instagram.