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TPH 512 Joint Rolling Machine (THE BIG UN)

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TPH 512 Joint Rolling Machine  (THE BIG UN)
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TPH 512 Joint Rolling Machine  (THE BIG UN)


tph 512 pre roll machine

The TPH-512 Cone Filling Machine is the only tool to choose when your delivery requirements start to exceed 3,000 pre-rolls/week. Constructed of durable stainless steel and heavy duty plastic,  this tool will be doing its job just as well 100 years from now as it will today.  Simple and easy to clean;  just wipe down the stainless steel surfaces with a spray of IPA and boiling hot water from a tea kettle for the cone plate itself. The cone plate can also withstand the ravages of a commercial dish washer.


We wish we could do one size fits all,  but it just doesn’t work that way.  The taper angles are not the same between paper manufacturers and we have discovered that if we push for the one size fits all,  you end up over filling or under filling cones on the papers that don’t quite fit your ‘one size fits all’.  This translates into extra time in final QC as you add a little or subtract a little to get each pre-roll to fall within tolerances.  Time is money and the margins are slim enough as it is.


Four basic parts,  the cradle,  the basket,  the cone plate(s) and the fill funnel.  Delivers in three boxes.


It is highly recommended you only use OEM papers.  Bootleg manufacturers don’t always adhere to the strict standards of the OEM and bootlegged papers may or may not fit the plate correctly.


The TPH Machines currently offer these plate sizes ( Comes standard with one plate per machine of your choice select at drop down menu). 

  • Cones Brand 70mm x 26mm Single Size 0.4 gram
  • Cones Brand 84mm x 26mm Special Small 0.6 gram
  • Cones Brand 98mm x 20mm Small 1 gram
  • Cones Brand 98mm x 26mm Small Delux 0.8 gram
  • Cones Brand 109mm x 20mm King 1.3 gram
  • Cones Brand 109mm x 26mm King Delux 1.1 gram
  • Raw Brand 84mm 1 1/4  0.75 gram
  • Raw Brand 98mm Special 1 gram
  • Raw Brand 109mm Kingsize 1.5 gram
  • Futurola Brand 140 Party Size
  • Futurola Brand 98mm x 30mm 0.5 gram
  • Futurola Brand 120 Fatboy
  • Futurola Brand 98 Futurola 1 gram
  • Kone Hedz 98mmx30mm
  • Custom Cones USA 84mm
  • Custom Cones USA 98mm
  • Custom Cones USA 109mm


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All sales are final.  No returns,  no exceptions.  If defects due to workmanship or materials are discovered,  it will be handled according to the terms of the warranty.  If the shipment is refused at delivery,  you will be subject to a 25% re-stocking fee plus all shipping (up to $300) and banking transaction fees (3.5%).

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