Unparalleled Efficiency

This joint rolling machine was designed in consultation with several high volume shops.  We built this machine to last.  The cradle is stainless steel,  the plate is machine washable plastic.


Serious Workstation

This is a serious machine built for serious needs.  It is designed to stay on the bench or on a cart.  Overall dimensions are 21.5″W  x  22.5″L x 14.5″H with a footprint of 17″ x 18″.  It weighs 30#.

Target Goals

The goal is efficiency.   Purpose designed tools can go a long way to making your crew more efficient.   We design all our tools to bring best practices effficiencies to a labor intensive endeavor.

Manage Resources

Lower your per unit labor costs. A trained hand should be able to cycle a plate twice in  a day and be done by 3:30.  Clean up is a breeze.  The plates are machine washable plastic and all surfaces can handle any alcohol based solvent.

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Phone: (855) 488-1501

This joint rolling machine is unparalleled in its ability to maximize your pre rolled production.  You get a shake cradle,  pop up plate,  plastic funnel and one custom cut load plate to fit the pre roll papers you use.  You can roll half grams or full grams with extreme accuracy and quality control.

If you really want to amp up your production,  get an extension set (one extra plate and a standby cradle) so while one plate is being filled and finished off,  the other is in a cradle being loaded with papers.

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Phone: (855) 488-1501

The Little Fella

Thousand per Hour too much?  We have a smaller machine which might suit your needs better.  The TPH-128 is the same design as the TPH-512 only it rolls 128 at a time.

The TPH-128 resting on the TPH-512

Yes, Thousands.

Weigh It Out and Dump It On


No need to gently sprinkle and spread your feedstock around the plate.  Pile it on and work it while bumping the deadman switch and the feedstock drops right in.  The removable plastic funnel lets you be aggressive when spreading into the corners.




Quick and Intuitive Design

It’s a system. Each machine comes with one  custom plate and one shake cradle with a foot actuator.  You will be rolling like crazy within minutes of setting it up.

Optimize For Assembly Line

To really optimize your production,  add a standby cradle with an extra plate. While one person is filling and closing off one plate,  another is fillling the empty plate with blunts.  It’s an easy 2,000/hour if not 3.

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